Team Bangladesh 2018

Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in the world, with a particularly youthful age demographic: in a country of 160 million people almost 16 million are aged between 14 and 18 (the age criteria for participating in FIRST Global Challenge).

Five of these young people will represent Team Bangladesh in FGC 2018 mentored by Shams Jaber. Amongst the five, two had participated in last year’s inaugural event which turned out to be a life-changing event for them and are excited about returning. The five members are …..Anahita Anoara, Laleh Naz Bergman Hossain, Sujoy Mahmud, Arman Khasru and Razeen Ali.

Razeen Ali goes to Sir John Wilson School, likes everything tech-related, and mathematics. His passion for coding will help him evolve as an engineer, he says.

Arman Khasru goes to Sunbeams School. He is a 16 year old and his interests include Coding, basketball, pool, gaming, and writing.

Sujoy Mahmud goes to Mangrove School. He is the programmer of the team. His dream is to unify software engineering, robotics, electronics with bio-med engineering to make the world a better place.

Laleh Naz is a 16 year old girl who joined the Tech Academy at its start and was the first female student. She has inspired other girls to join and learn programming. She has been featured in a local magazine as an inspiring woman while being a teenanger because of her effort to teach programming to women older than her.

Anahita Anoara is a multi-talented teenager whose interests include programming, photography, music and more. She is very passionate about teaching programming and electronics to others. Her analytical and communication skills make her stand out.

Team BANGLADESH’s mentor, Shams Jaber is the founder of The Tech Academy, a social enterprise that provides computer programming, electronics and robotics education to children and teenagers of two cities and a remote village in Bangladesh. He is a part of the Global Shapers initiative in the Dhaka Hub, a project of the World Economic Forum which has 377 hubs in major cities in 156 countries. Being a newly hired part-time faculty for Robotics (freshly started course) at the International School Dhaka (ISD), he has initiated the much awaited partnership between the school and The Tech Academy.