Team Mauritania 2018

Hello! We are team Mauritania and we are glad to be participating in FIRST Global and representing our country for the first time. We come from different backgrounds and speak different languages, but our energy and passion for STEM is what bring us together. We are very passionate about science and mathematics and we strongly believe that with technology we have better chances for equal rights in education and access to knowledge for kids in Mauritania and Africa. The FIRST Global competition will give us the opportunity to learn more skills, have connections with others teams coming from all over the world ,and share our stories. After returning from Mexico we will work with HADINA RIMTIC to promote STEM education for children and we will be the ambassadors of FIRST Global in our communities.

Deih Zein (Captain and programmer)
My name is Deh Zein and I am 15 years old. My dream is to become a software engineer in the future because I believe that this will give me the possibility to change the world. Unfortunately, Engineering and programming aren’t included in the primary and secondary schools curriculum in Mauritania, so participating in this competition will allow us to have our first hands on experience with robotics and learn the basics of computer programming.

Soumeya Hamady (Builder and programmer)
My name is Soumeya Hamady and I am 13 years old. I am really glad be the first girl and the youngest participant representing Mauritania in the FGC and I hope this will inspire Mauritanian girls to take interest in STEM and participate in international competitions. I loved watching documentaries and building stuff since I was a child, but I never had the opportunity to work on a concrete project. This experience will help me acquire skills in programming and robotics and discover how technology can help me when I become a doctor in the future.

Amadou N’doye (Builder and spokesperson)
My name is Amadou N’doye, I am 18 years old. I am passionate about technology and robotics and I feel greatly honoured to be part of the robotics team. The future of our continent relies on technology and robotics in particular, and it can offer immense opportunities and solutions for the people in Africa, such as rescuing people during crises and delivering medications in rural areas.

Leaziza Cheikhna (Mentor)
Leaziza Cheikhna is a software engineer who believes that an innovative education system can efficiently empower the young and open up immense opportunities for them in the future. She’s co-founder and catalyst at the ICT incubator “Hadina RIMTIC”. She has more than five years of experience in community development, focusing on education, entrepreneurship and youth empowerment.