Team Mongolia 2018

My name is Khanbileg (builder and programmer) I am 17 years old and I have been interested in the robotics since I was 14 years old. At school I love mathematics and I have a strong intention to become a competent engineer. In our secondary school (Oyuny Tulga) we have a great chance to attend in engineering and robotic lessons. I am keen on creating new technology and robots. Before, I have participated in Local and International Robotic Championships. Last April me and my classmate (Tselmeg) went to Oradea in Romania and won third in place in tournament category. This time we are going to participate in FIRST Global in Mexico and we are very excited to take part in such a big international tournament. Especially, we like the theme of the contest, because our global environmental situation has a big impact on the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. On the other hand, we realize that we have a great chance to use natural energy that provides the desert region. See you soon in Mexico, and let’s realize our dream and make a bright future for the world.

My name is Tselmeg and I am 16 years old. I am from Oyuny Tulga school in Mongolia, too. I have been addicted to engineering since I was a child. I have succeeded in an international competition once in Romania this year. It is an honor to be participating in the coming FIRST Global Challenge. I have a big dream to make a contribution to the future of robots. Let’s have fun in the FGC in Mexico and inspire each other to make better engineering solutions for the world.

Hey all. My name Tulga and I am the coach of the Mongolian team. I and my teaching staff had founded a STEAM education program in Oyuny Tulga secondary school in 2014. We teach engineering knowledge to kids from 6 years old. Since then we have participated in a huge number of National and International Robotic Tournaments. Our team truly believes that the key factor of the bright future is education and especially competent engineers. We all are very happy to participate in the FIRST Global Challenge in Mexico. We strongly believe that our common interest in engineering would contribute to the world for a better future.