Team Trinidad and Tobago 2018

Josef Gonzalez- Builder, Driver
Josef is a Lower 6 (11th grade) student at Presentation College Chaguanas. Josef embodies the spirit of a holistic education and is a pinnacle of all-roundedness that many younger students aspire to. Josef is an involved member of the school’s robotics club, often found helping younger students with their projects. He is also the school’s top badminton player and an active member of the country’s national team for the last 3 years. Similar to his contributions in robotics, Josef spends his afternoons training younger students in badminton. Amidst all of this, Josef is an adept science student who has not let the pressures of his extra-curricular activities weigh on his academics.

Josef’s critical thinking skills and practicality has made him a core member of our team, as both a builder and a driver.

Raydon Baboolal – Programmer, Builder, Driver
Raydon is a lower 6 (11th grade) student at Presentation College, Chaguanas. Raydon co-founded the school`s robotics club and is the current vice-president. Raydon is an aspiring Micro-biologist and genetic engineering enthusiast. Through his dedication for the subject, Raydon placed in the Top 10 in the Caribbean in Biology for the CSEC examinations.

He believes that the future is now, and hopes we could work together to make a brighter tomorrow. Raydon attended two STEM camps at the Civil Aviation Authority, Trinidad, which sparked his passion for robotics. He realized robotics was the key for creating a brighter tomorrow, whether in the form of obtaining clean drinking water or even restoring ability to the differently able in the form of prosthetics, either way, you would be helping someone in need.

Raydon, however, is not only limited to studies, he is a former member of the national badminton team as well as the President of the school`s badminton club. Raydon aspires to be one day like James Watson and accomplish major feats, similarly, with the innovative technology present in robotics.

Avidesh Marajh- Team Captain, Programmer, Tactician
Avidesh is a Lower 6 (11th grade) student at Presentation College Chaguanas. Avidesh co-founded the school’s robotics club and is its current president. He is an ace programmer versed in several programming languages such as C, C++ and JavaScript. From his passion for programming and computer science comes his love for robotics which he describes as “the greatest way for a programmer to interact with his work”.

Avidesh is a top mathematics student with a love for the subject that mirrors his talents. He is currently a member of the country’s Mathematics Olympiad Team. Like his teammates, Avidesh is a decorated veteran of Trinidad’s local badminton circuit and has even won a silver medal at the Caribbean Regional Championship (CAREBACO). After participating at last year’s challenge, Avidesh was inspired to mentor a team of younger students at the FIRST Lego League competition and is a peer tutor at his school.