Team Azerbaijan 2019 🇦🇿

We are a team of 5 students — Dinara, Ruslan, Naila, Aykhan, and Aysha — and our mentor Yusifbay.

Dinara (Builder)
Dinara is an upper secondary school student who always had many extraordinary and interesting ideas. Since her childhood she was always very creative and unique. Her main hobbies were-reading books ,drawing everything she saw or dreamt of,learning languages and creating something new. Her first self-made robot named Nico was made of b oxes and metallic spoons. She started to learn robotics when she turned 9 and from that moment she understood that nothing won’t stop her from chasing her dreams. She passionately continued self-development. She was always dreaming of creating something new and unexplored to help people. At the moment she is a 14 year old lady who knows 5 languages and has good dance skills,who dreams of becoming the one who people won’t forget even after her death.She is the one who is always ready to learn or create something new.

Ruslan (Captain)
Ruslan is a student who loved working with Computer Science from his early years. Eventually, it became his main interest, and he started creating projects with technologies such as Blockchain and IoT. He participated in a range of different local and worldwide competitions like Intel ISEF, InfoMatrix and GoldenByte. Currently, he is working with Artificial Intelligence and exploring Machine Learning algorithms to create advanced projects which can make the world a better place to live.

Naila (Spokesperson and Builder)
Naila was always interested in creating things, as well as having her dream come true of working at NASA. Naila participated in olympiads such as FIRST LEGO® League and Genius Olympiad in USA (taking the honourable mention). Robotics was always just a hobby to her, but after visiting Boston Science Museum she understood that robotics would be a part of her future. FIRST Global will be another and probably the best experience for her group and her. She enjoys meeting new people and gaining new friends from all around the world. As well as having new and maybe sometimes difficult experiences. Cant wait for the new experience at FIRST Global!

Aykhan (Programmer)
Aykhan is a student at Dunya School who is exceptionally intrigued by Robotics on the grounds that, since his youth, he constantly attempted to make some creative robots with Lego, however, he has never involved in Olympiads, but he would like to participate. What’s more, he believes that the FIRST Global Challenge isn’t only an Olympiad for acquiring gold awards, etc, but also the solution for most issues, and organizations will make the world better.

Aisha (Human Player)
Aisha is a high school student who was always interested in STEM related activities. She is planning to pursue a career in Aerospace Engineering and will do her best to make her dream come true. She is up to date with the innovations people make and hopes one day she will be among them. Her other passions are cinematography, photography, music, literature and swimming. Art and technology are important parts of her life. She loves to combine them whenever she gets a chance. She has participated in other olimpiads before, but this is her first in robotics. She finds it amazing how olympiads such as FIRST Global encourage young people like her to take part in events concerning global issues such as climate change, pollution, and others.

Zaur (Technical Mentor)
Zaur is Computer Science teacher at Lyceum named after academic Zarifa Aliyeva in Azerbaijan. He has priceless experience in Robotics competitions. He attended lots of contests since 2011. Examples of International contests are Infomatrix World Final (Bucharest 7 times), Genius (New York-USA 3 times), WRO (2015-Doha-Qatar,2017-San Jose-Costa Rica). And at the same time, he participated in local robotics contests in Azerbaijan (as a coach and as a judge). FIRST Global is different from others. I think that the greatest part of FIRST Global is the meeting everyone and making friends. Because I participated in FLL (FIRST LEGO® League) country finals before and saw the same environment there.

Yusifbay (Team Manager)
Yusifbay is a Math teacher at Lyceum No 6 who has great interest in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. Last year he was also the mentor of the team who participated in the competition in Mexico City. He likes to spend his free time playing football or computer games with his students.

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