International Volunteers

International Volunteers help keep the robots running, make the matches fun, and keep the FIRST Global spirit alive. Ranging from high school students to professional engineers, our International Volunteers are an integral part of the FIRST Global experience.

“I am motivated to volunteer because I have seen the power of FIRST in my life, the life of my children and even my mother’s life and I want to make sure that other young people are given the same opportunity that we had, so I volunteer. I believe that competitions like FIRST Global are critically important to the future of our world. The students discover that they are a part of something bigger than themselves or their own country’s challenges, which leads them to a broader view of the world. In addition to the impact on the individual students, it provides developing nations opportunity to learn more about the technology that we take for granted. FIRST Global lays the foundation for a more peaceful future.” –Heidi Lovett, Volunteer


  1. How do I register to volunteer?
    • Volunteer registration for the 2020 FIRST Global Challenge is closed. Please check back next year for opportunities!
  2. Are background checks a requirement?
    • Yes, background checks are required for all volunteers and will be conducted by the hosts.
  3. Does FIRST Global pay for volunteers to attend?
    • No, FIRST Global is not responsible for any costs to and from the host city, lodging costs, or some meal costs. FIRST Global does not sponsor Visas for Volunteers. There is, however, a limited amount of financial aid available to confirmed volunteers for 2019. This information is only sent to registered, confirmed volunteers.
  4. Will Volunteers be provided food at the event?
    • Yes, lunch, water, and snacks will be provided. Volunteers will likely be on their own for breakfast and dinner.
  5. Who can volunteer?
    • We have positions for anyone 18 and older at the event. Many positions do not require any robot experience at all!
  6. What positions are available?
  7. How are the positions chosen?
    • Positions are chosen first by a person’s experience (if a role requires technical knowledge of a robot, the volunteer has to possess technical knowledge to be selected), and second on a first-come-first-served basis.
  8. What is the dress code?
    • Volunteers will be provided a t-shirt or something similar to wear at all times. Some positions may require different dress attire, but those affected will be notified during any training calls. Closed toe, closed heel shoes are also required (the comfier the better!). All volunteers will be issued a lanyard at the event that they must wear at all times for security and identification purposes.
  9. When will my position be confirmed?
    • Positions will be confirmed on a rolling basis and the volunteer will be given a deadline via email.
  10. When will more information be available?
    • All information will be sent out to registered volunteers after the details are finalized with our hosts.
  11. Who do I contact with questions?
    • All questions can be sent to