STEM Guyana prepares to build energy impact robot

As the day for the First Global Challenge nears, Science Technology Engineer and Mathematics (STEM) Guyana is busy working to build a robot that will “wow” judges at this year’s competition in Mexico.

Though the final team of six has not yet been selected, a group of 30 individuals selected from schools and other organisations across Guyana, gather every Saturday at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall for five hours to build the best robot for the competition.

This year’s theme for the First Global Challenge is ‘Energy Impact’.

The 2018 challenge will explore the impact of the different types of energy used and how they can be made more sustainable.

The thirty persons were placed in groups to work in the areas of programming, designing and building.

Horace Moseley, Public Relations Officer for STEM Guyana said that the team will be selecting the six persons on exhibition day which is expected to be held in June.

Subsequent to last year’s competition, the team has been instrumental in the launch of several STEM groups across the country. These groups exist in schools, churches, private organisations and many small community groups, all striving for more involvement in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

The team has been receiving assistance from sponsors across Guyana to assist with their expenses.

The Ministry of Education recently donated $6M to STEM Guyana.

The cheque was presented to the group at State House in the presence of the First Lady, Sandra Granger.

Excited about the continued support from the Ministry, Moseley said that the team is happy for all the assistance they’ve been given from the various organisations across Guyana.

He reminded that STEM Guyana is open to all Guyanese.

“I am also thankful to everyone who supported us and to persons who are still continuing to do so,” Moseley stated.

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