Like the youth of many developing countries, the members of Team Bangladesh know that science, technology, engineering, and mathematics has the power to lift the prospects of not only their country, but for the world as a whole.

Because Bangladesh’s FIRST Global competitors understand the important role that technology and robotics will play in solving everything from everyday problems like traffic congestion and education, to global challenges such as medicine and pollution, the students of Team Bangladesh have thrown themselves head-first into the 2017 FIRST Global Challenge in order to increase their knowledge of STEM, and show the world the zeal of Bangladeshi robotics.

Composed of a balanced team of inspired STEM enthusiasts, each of whom focuses on a different aspects of robotics – from mechanical and electrical, to software and programing – Team Bangladesh embodies the FIRST Global spirit of a can-do attitude, which it is bringing to this year’s FIRST Global Challenge where they are looking forward to their chance to interact and compete with other members of the world community.

To learn more about Team Bangladesh’s story, check out their team video right now!