Like many other countries in Africa, Mali is always striving to develop and incorporate new technology into their economy and daily lives. Despite the many challenges it has faced over the years such as severe and extensive droughts, coup d’états, and military dictatorships, Mali has been able to grow out of them time and time again. Though having very little access to water, as it is landlocked in Western Africa, Mali has become one of Africa’s major cotton and gold producers, and has also seen the rise of African music stars, such as Salif Keita.

We’ll soon see new Malian stars, but this time in the fields of technology and science. High school students from this African country aspire to become great scientists, computer experts, and engineers as they believe that having a deep understanding of robotics can help them develop their country.

These young bright minds will be coming to Washington DC this year to compete alongside 150 countries from all over the world in an effort to exchange ideas and understanding of robotics and technology development. Learn more about their hopes and dreams, as well as their motivations to participate in the 2017 FIRST Global Challenge in their profile video!