Home to 8 of the world’s 14 highest mountains, including Mount Everest, the young Democratic Republic of Nepal still faces many technological challenges. The World Bank reported in 2013 that while the electrification rate in urban areas is 90%, the rate for rural areas is only 5%, if not less.

Despite these challenges, Nepal’s youths crave a brighter and better future for their country, and participating in this year’s FIRST Global Challenge will be a life changing experience for most of them. Dozens of Nepalese students have turned up at local schools to show their interest in learning more about science and technology and strengthen their STEM skills through robotics. Now, they have set up an extra-curricular robotics club, and will be competing alongside 160 other countries this coming July in Washington DC.

The FIRST Global team from this beautiful multilingual, multiethnic, and multireligious country just south of China wants to you to meet them. Learn more about them here!