Turkey’s Urfa STEM Team is a veteran robotics group that will be attending the FIRST Global Challenge this July. Seeing as one of Urfa’s ideals is that the “best product is born from the best cooperation,” we know that they will fit right in with the rest of the FIRST Global community.

The Urfa STEM Team members first came together about three years ago, come from different high schools throughout southern Turkey, and hope to use their enthusiasm and experience to lead the next wave of STEM and robotics initiatives in Turkey.

Once Team Turkey arrives in Washington, DC for the 2017 FIRST Global Challenge, they plan to take their passions for engineering and robotics and use them to accomplish their dreams and show that a small group of high school students can use science, technology, engineering, and mathematics to build a better future for everyone.

To learn more about Team Turkey, you can check out their video right here!