Welcome to the FIRST Global Challenge

Welcome to FIRST Global! We are a truly international organization that understands and appreciates the importance of coming together as global community – for it is only when we work together to accomplish common goals that we will be able to address the Grand Challenges we face from engineering better medicines to developing cleaner sources of energy.

Modeled after the International Olympic Committee, each nation sends one team to participate in the FIRST Global Challenge each year. Our mission, to inspire future STEM leaders around the world to pursue their interests in science and technology, and convince national governments and organizations to make real commitments to invest in the sciences.

Student teams will have have several months to design, construct, and program their robots to address a set of challenges bound together under one common theme – providing access to clean water.

Participating teams will be grouped with other competitors in alliances to teach them to embrace the spirit of collaboration and cooperation to achieve common goals.

If you would like to learn more about FIRST Global, you can view our welcome video above.