Team Austria 2017

Team Austria consists of three students from the HTL Weiz, which is an engineering-focused secondary school. There, they are enrolled in the electrical engineering program. Jeremia, Jakob, and Wolfgang started working in the field of robotics when they first met in the beginning of school year 2016/17. Together, they took part in the Demo Humanoid Competition @RoboCupJuniorAustrianOpen2017 where they programmed a Nao robot to act as a shop assistant.

Students from the HTL Weiz have a long record of 1st places in international competitions, mainly the RoboCup Junior in the categories CoSpace rescue, and onStage (formerly dance) . During the last few years Christoph Wurzinger, Team Austria’s mentor, has joined the successful group of students and teachers. Currently, he works as a teacher at the HTL Weiz where he provides robotics training as an after-school activity, together with a fellow teacher.

As a team, we are excited to be part of the inaugural FIRST Global Challenge in Washington, where we will meet people from all over the world to compete in a friendly environment and, most importantly, make friends.