Team Nicaragua 2017

We are a group of 13- to 16-year-old students from Acahualinca, a community surrounding the Managua city dump in Nicaragua. For the past five years, we have benefitted from quality education at Fabretto’s Education Center, “San Francisco.” Through Fabretto, we have received free technical training, such as jewelry construction, computer training, as well as personalized coaching and participation in social projects.

We are very proud to have been selected to represent Nicaragua in this competition. Being highly interested in technology and aimed at working in a similar business in the future, we are willing to immerse into a new topic to successfully compete the challenge and improve our career opportunities. Additionally, we are eager to learn about other cultures and talents through the FIRST Global Challenge.

Even though technology has a small impact on Nicaragua’s economy – a developing country – we are not afraid to take the challenge. We will master potential difficulties by working as a team through endurance and self-assurance. Furthermore, we will have the support from our families and Fabretto mentors. We understand the complexity of the assignment, but we are motivated and confident of our capabilities.