Team Seychelles 2018

This year Team Seychelles is made up of five enthusiastic young girls. They come from a selection of both private and public secondary schools across the country. The all-girls team is made up of the top five performing teams of a robotic building and programming competition held on the International Girls in ICT Day 2018 by SYAH-Seychelles in Collaboration with the Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB).

The team members have a great interest in STEM and intend to further their careers in STEM related fields. There is a surprising fusion in the ability of the team members. While some are accustomed to programming and robotics, others had initial interest and first hands-on experience with coding and robotics only upon their participation in the robot building and programming competition in April 2018. However, their passion for the wonders of robotics and coding and their hope for world solutions that both robotics and coding can bring about is mutual.

Team Seychelles is keen to be part of such a competition not only to showcase their talents but to bring hope to other young girls and citizens of small island developing states of the capabilities of robotics in solving world problems. Being part of the competition is a journey that Team Seychelles had no idea they will be venturing into at the beginning of the year, but it is a challenge that they are willing to pursue as a team with the excellent support of NISTI that presented the team with such an opportunity.

Media del Equipo