Team Kiribati 2019 🇰🇮

Sr. Toaningaina Takabea – Team Kiribati driver, a form 7 science student from William Goward Memorial College. He is keen to solve calculations such as Maths and Physics, which makes him interested in civil engineering. He is also interested in playing soccer.

Sr. Iakobwa Tekaai – Team Kiribati human player, a USP foundation science student. His favourite subjects are maths and physics, which makes him want to become a civil engineer in the future. He was keen on sports as well, like soccer and volleyball.

Srta. Tieua Tateanna – Team Kiribati programmer, a USP foundation science student. Her favourite subjects are physics, chemistry, and mathematics. She love calculations and solving problems. Her interest is to be a computer engineer and she wishes to pursue further studies to achieve it. She is very grateful to be part of the robotic team as she loves challenges.

Sr. Teikake Tentau – Team Kiribati driver, a USP foundation science student, but later transferred to Moroni High School. His favourite subjects are physics and maths, as he is keen on solving calculations. This will lead to becoming an expert in physics in the future. He also participates in a speech and quiz competition during school open days.

Sr. Mataroa Toakarawa – Team Captain, A form 7 science student from Moroni High School. Currently a student body President at his school. He is keen on sports like basketball and volleyball. His favourite subjects are mathematics and physics, which makes him interested to become pilot or engineer in the future.

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