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Team Mauritania is composed of young high school students from different backgrounds and regions in Mauritania. They are passionate about everything related to STEAM and aim to be ambassadors of STEAM Education in their community. The team also plans to help introduce new innovative practices that are absent in their schools, as well as bridge the gap between theory and practice and raise awareness of the importance of these disciplines in the development of our countries.

The girls, Fatima and Yehdiha are very outspoken about girls’ rights to education in Mauritania, as well as normalizing the acceptance of women in engineering and higher jobs in the government.

Video del Equipo 2018

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By making an unrestricted donation in the name of Team Mauritania, you are joining us in spreading a passion for STEM among the youth of the world. Even if we meet our goal, every additional dollar will help ensure that every nation is represented at the 2019 FIRST Global Challenge.

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