Team Tonga 2019 🇹🇴

Left to Right: ‘Atunaisa Fetokai, Fusie Ve’ehala, Lili’ani Tukutukunga, Taylor Kalavite, Lisiate Tovo

TEAM Tonga 2019 – Together Everyone Achieves More for TONGA: The Challenge – Ocean Opportunities

The Kingdom of Tonga from the Pacific region is a Polynesian Island known as “The Friendly Island and the Jewel of the Pacific”. We are excited to join the FIRST Global Challenge 2019 once again. Our population is estimated at 104, 494 with 27 High Schools and Colleges. TEAM Tonga 2019 have selected five students, based on their school results and career pathways, to represent Tonga in the 2019 FIRST Global Challenge in Dubai with support by two staff mentors. These students are from three different schools and are working together as “One for All and All for One”. They are excited for this new event and once in life time opportunity to design, build, and program a robot to work and reflect on the theme of this year, “The Challenge – Ocean Opportunities”.

TEAM Tonga 2019 says that we are in one ocean with different islands or continents throughout the world. Students are often distant from the training area at the Tonga campus, and they have to come by bus as far away as 25 km. However, they are committed to doing the best they can to represent Tonga through the FIRST Global Challenge in Dubai. This challenge is a pathway for future opportunities. When they see the ocean rising as a natural fountain, it is like opportunities that are rising up for them to show their innovation. The ocean provides opportunities through its diverse attributes, which are our prized natural resources. Tongan people take pride in the ocean and regard it as gold to make a living. We represent Tonga to FIRST Global. The FIRST Global Challenge is a gateway to help youth and others to look for a brighter future. Our motto is “Together Everyone Achieves More “.

The ocean is our heart and our robot shows how innovative we are as a lifeguard to promote the TEAM throughout the world as one ocean. TEAM Tonga is looking forward to meeting other participants in Dubai to share what we have and to help others as one big happy family. Good luck to you all, be happy, and smile with cheer to and from TEAM Tonga 2019.

TEAM Tonga 2019 members:
1. Liliani Isapeli Ana Monika Tukutukunga (Team Leader / Programmer)
2. Lisiate Tuione Fifita Tovo (Team Spokesperson / Driver)
3. ‘Atunaisa Mataka Fetokai (Driver / Technician)
4. Taylor Lose Kalavite (Human Player / Designer)
5. Fusie Veehala (Programmer / Designer)

1. Nofo Fonua ‘I-Muli Hakaumotu (Technical Main Mentor)
2. Lofan Tupou (Technical Assistant Mentor)

TEAM Manager:
Dr. Robin Havea (Manager)

Faletui and Timote Tukutukunga
‘Oliveti and ‘Ilifeleti Tovo
Fe‘aofaki and Sione Fetokai
Mema and Langilangi Kalavite
Malia Ve‘ehala

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