Team Saint Kitts and Nevis 2020 🇰🇳

We are here again! We are elated to participate in the 2020 FIRST Global Robotics games and shine like the golden sunshine that defines our Federation. We are Team St Kitts and Nevis; the team that is from the twin Island state. We are young but full of life and vigor and we are here to show the world what we have to offer in the 2020 Robotics games. We believe in innovation because innovation gives us the opportunity to showcase our skills in the area of Science, Technology, Arts, Engineering and Mathematics – STEAM. Even though COVID affected the world, it can never affect our passion to actively engage in another competition. Our Federation may be small but we have a big heart, limitless goals and a bountiful talent. This is what will get us through the games, so we say, Come on Everyone! let’s have fun in the FIRST Global Robotics Challenge for 2020. We look forward to seeing everyone having fun.

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