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How long is a match?

Each match is 2 minutes and 30 seconds long.

Are alliances required to use all four POWER GENERATORS?

No. Alliances can strategize to figure out what approach works best for them, whether it is using all four POWER GENERATORS, or only two or three.

Is there any specification on the torque required to turn the crank on the WIND TURBINE?

No. The WIND TURBINE has very minimal resistance. A specific torque won’t be provided, but it should be assumed a force not larger than the weight of the handle is required to move it.

Do we receive cardboard cubes with the kit? How are the cardboard cubes reinforced?

Yes, there will be cubes in the kit. The cubes are designed to self close with tabs, the edges of the cube will be taped with fiberglass-reinforced Kraft tape.

What is the size of the FUEL CUBE?

The cubes are 150mm x 150mm x 150mm.

Is it possible for you to take a FUEL CUBE from another team in your ALLIANCE?

The FUEL CUBES can be possessed by any team, and the ownership of the fuel cubes can be passed between robots as long as no other rules are broken.

If there may only be one HUMAN PLAYER, how can you both place SOLAR PANELS in the loading zone *and* also install the panels somewhere else?

An ALLIANCE is made up of 3 teams. Each national team will provide 1 HUMAN PLAYER (3 total). The HUMAN PLAYERS from all 3 teams will choose how to accomplish all of the tasks; 2 in the VILLAGE POWER STATION and 1 in the SOLAR PANEL FACTORY.

Is there a limitation for how many SOLAR PANELS a ROBOT is allowed to carry, or how many SOLAR PANELS the HUMAN PLAYER is allowed to place in the slot or the loading zone at a time?

There is a limitation of carrying 1 SOLAR PANEL at a time. There is no limitation on the number of SOLAR PANELS that can be in the loading zone.

Is it possible that a full REACTION PLANT could score points for only one ALLIANCE and not another, depending on whether or not they've connected their POWER LINE to the REACTION PLANT?

Yes. As soon as the REACTION PLANT is filled, it will start functioning. If one ALLIANCE chooses to connect their POWER LINE beforehand, as soon as the REACTION PLANT is functioning they will start earning points, whereas if the other ALLIANCE waits to connect their POWER LINE until after the REACTION PLANT is full, they will not start earning points until the POWER LINE is connected.

If you place a POWER LINE CUBE in the VILLAGE POWER STATION, are you allowed to take it out and place it in a different slot?

No. Once a POWER LINE CUBE is used to CONNECT one POWER PLANT, it can’t be used to CONNECT an additional POWER PLANT.

Rule T02 states that the violation for a team not showing up to a MATCH is an automatic RED CARD. The game also states that if your robot is being repaired, you are supposed to send at least one team member. So when does your team need to be there with the complete driver team and the robot?

Your team is considered not showing up if they do not send at least a team representative. Note: if your team is given a RED CARD for not showing up, the only impact is that you will not receive points for the round. If you send a representative (even without your robot), you will get points for the round based on your other partners’ performance.

How many POWER LINE CUBES are on the field per ALLIANCE? Is it possible to run all POWER GENERATORS?

Yes. There are 5 POWER LINE CUBES available for each ALLIANCE, which is enough to run all of the GENERATORS, complete the COOPERTITION BONUS, and have one extra.

Can a HUMAN PLAYER interact with any of the game pieces in the loading zone, or only the POWER LINE CUBES and SOLAR PANELS?

A HUMAN PLAYER can only have contact with a POWER LINE CUBE or SOLAR PANEL, they must not touch ROBOTS or FUEL CUBES.

According to E07, HUMAN PLAYERS can only interact with POWER LINE CUBES that are the same color as their VILLAGE ALLIANCE. So can a HUMAN PLAYER place the opposing ALLIANCE'S POWER LINE CUBE in the slot for the COOPERTITION BONUS?

Yes. A HUMAN PLAYER is allowed to install the POWER LINE CUBE of the alternate color for the COOPERTITION BONUS. We will update E07 in the next revision for futher clarity.

If a robot touches a piece and then moves out of the LOADING ZONE, could the HUMAN PLAYER touch that piece and change its location? (For example, if the robot knocks over a SOLAR PANEL, can the HUMAN PLAYER stand it back up?)

No. Once the HUMAN PLAYER has placed the SOLAR PANEL or POWER LINE CUBE in the LOADING ZONE, they may not touch that game element again.

When delivering SOLAR PANELS or POWER LINE CUBES to the POWER STATION, does the robot need to push the items off the edge?

Yes. A robot must completely deliver the item to the VILLAGE POWER STATION by placing them over the edge and releasing control of them.

It says in the game manual that the rankings of the final round will be “based on the total individual score.” Does this score include the first round?

No. The ranking and scores from the first rounds will be eliminated before the start of the final round; everyone starts from zero.

Is the total individual score added up from the team’s ALLIANCE over games, or points that the team scored by themselves in their games?

The total individual score is the sum of the ALLIANCE’s scores over all rounds of play. Specific team robot scoring will not be tracked.

Are we allowed to place both batteries on the robot, but use one of them as a weight?

No. Each robot may only use one battery at a time on their robot, regardless of if it is electrically connected or not.

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