Team Lithuania 2017

The team is formed of long time School of Robotics (Robotikos mokykla) students in Vilnius, Lithuania.

All three of the teammates have been participating and winning robotics competitions for high school students such as FLL, Robocup Jr, as well as hackathons for students and adult Engineers!

The team has already built robots guiding tourists over the streets with a GPS controlled voice, mosquito attraction and control device, numerous 3D printers, a 8x8x8 LED cube and other robots.

Some of the projects get too ambitious and lag on, such as a 3D printer built from CAD by the team or a completely automatic fish-tank aquaponics project, but the team members are known for diligence and completed working machines.

Being good at what they do, the team members love sharing their knowledge with younger students mentoring them in summer camps and regular lessons.

We, as a team Lithuania hope to meet young engineers as passionate about building robots as we are and think of common projects to work on together!