Team Slovakia 2017

The Slovak team consists solely of highly determined hard-working students of Galileo School, Bratislava. They are ready to combine their great interest for robotics with quick learning skills and dedication to improve for Robotic Games. The team members are: Viliam, two Martins, Andrej, Branislav, Lukáš, Alex and Peter. Each one of them has unique personality with hobbies covering wide scale of arts, sports and science. They are all exceptional students reaching top grades in math and science in general.  It is passion for physics, robotics and programming they have in common.

Their preparations for the competition started with learning about various features their robot might need. Assignments chosen by members of the team always covered topics of robot assembly with search for practical solutions. Team members are going to dive into basics of hardware construction and coding to operate robots in the following weeks – before the robot kit arrives.

They take Robotic Games as a great opportunity to challenge their skills. It is great honor for them to be invited and to be able to participate. They can’t wait to represent Slovakia at FIRST Global Robotic Games.