Team Benin 2018

We are Team Benin. Representing our country at the FIRST Global competition is an exciting experience for us. We are so excited to discover how to put robot parts together and to discover how robots work. We are inspired to collaborate with other teams who will be representing their countries too. We look forward to the endless possibilities robots and artificial intelligence can contribute to African development.

Simon Edouardo AFANGNON (Programmer)
Robotics interests me because I am very curious and excited by the idea of ​​robot design. I have loved construction games since my childhood and I love math especially mathematic logic. As for my hobbies, I like to watch investigative or research films, documentaries, read books, listen to music. I like technology, computer science and programming. I am aiming to create a large robotics center in Benin where people will be trained to make machines for the mechanization of agriculture and industry.

Claudel TOHOUNGNAN (Captain)
I chose robotics because it’s been my passion for a while. I would like for the future a robotic revolution in my country. In my spare time I play mission game like God of war. I really like the adventure movies. I want FIRST Global to know that there is a young teenager who would like to make robots to help in the industry sector, in terms of repetitive production and risk reduction. We want to raise the level of our country at the global level through the determination of our youth to embrace the science and in particular robotics.

Armelle Deo-Gratias AKOUTEY
In the future, I would like to become a gynecologist to help people, to smile, to perform surgery with robots. I would also like to create an NGO that values ​​women intellectually and particularly in the field of robotics. In my spare time, I like listening to classical music or gospel pop as it allows you to relax and concentrate. I also like playing video games.

Kevin CHABI (Builder)
Since my childhood I always liked robotics because I was lucky enough to have an entourage who really liked to watch technology movies, human-looking robot etc. so I took a liking to it. My dream is to be able to create a robot colony with artificial intelligence that can live with humans. In my free time, I like playing video games, watching movies and laughing with my friends. I especially have the aptitude to quickly finish a game of video game at a record time and before anyone and I’m good at understanding how to handle electrical appliances.

I like to do robotics because it allows me to develop a great concentration. For the future, I plan to become a doctor and use my knowledge to design a robot in medicine. During my free hours, I like to read.

The combined action of physical science with that of computing and given to the other sciences on a functional machine with capabilities impresses me a lot. Robotics is a field that inspires me, the fact that we can even associate other terrestrial situation with mechanized life and that robotics can solve problems of precisions and dangerous or tedious rejoices me. In fact, with this learning and competitions I could learn the basics of robotics and innovate in the future. I would even like to create robots with different functions to participate in the development of the country. In my free time, I enjoy practicing the science of life and the earth, drawing sketches of buildings or names, singing, and reading novels.

Daniella BOSSA
I am interested in robotics because it is a scientific discipline that allows me to program and edit elements to obtain a robot capable of performing one or more tasks. I think robots will contribute to the development of our society. In my free time, I watch TV (technology, health and movies) or play games on my cell phone. I also like talking and having fun with animals.