Team Cayman Islands 2018

Team Cayman Islands was formed very quickly and includes three students from 3 separate high schools working together for the first time.

Adrian Phillips-Hernaez is 14 years old and interests include: swimming, playing videogames, learning things and designing and building things. He likes robotics because he gets to build amazing machines and put his building skills to the test. He especially enjoys experimenting with robots and mechanisms and seeing what they can do.

Ethan Cronier is 16 years old and his favourite subject is Math. He loves to solve puzzles such as Rubik’s cubes and overcome difficult challenges that require a creative solutions. He placed Gold in the UK math’s challenge and merit in the kangaroo math’s challenge. “I am interested in robotics because of the wide variety of tasks they can perform, and it is the perfect mix between mechanical and electrical engineering, the carrier path I would like to take. Robotics also offers an opportunity to help others by designing useful technology like bionic limbs.”

Joe Allom-Perez is 16 years old and was born in Cuba and lived in Cayman all his life. He has a strong love for hockey and has played since he was 5 years old. “I like to mix my life between playing sports, going to the beach and the ocean, and learning new things. This is why I decided to compete as part of Team Cayman for the FIRST Global Robotics competition this year. My background in robotics is limited; however I have done some programming and I took part in the Seaperch robotics competition with my school last year. I find robotics very interesting and as the world will be full of robotic related devices in a couple of decades, learning about it will be very helpful.”

Média de l'Équipe