Team Czech Republic 2018

Jesper Holter, Builder
Jesper is a 12th grade student at the International School of Prague. He is involved with robotics because he enjoys the challenges involved in creating a robot. As an aspiring mechanical engineer he hopes this will give him relevant experience for what he will study in the future. Additionally he appreciates the opportunity to meet like minded people. In his spare time Jesper takes part in online engineering courses to learn more about the field he wishes to pursue. Alternatively, he enjoys indoor rock climbing club at his school and during the summer he participates in small scale building projects where he learns to use different tools as well as receive work experience.

Tom Maudling, Programmer
Tom is a 12th grade student at the International School of Prague and his most enjoyable subject at school is computer science. He is interested in robotics because he really enjoys programming and computer science in general. In the future Tom hopes to study computer science at university and ultimately head into that field of work. In his spare time Tom likes to play tennis, golf and video games and he is also a certified tennis coach.

Petr Milev, Programmer/Builder
Petr is a 10th grade student at the International School of Prague. Fascinated with the development of robotics, he loves to engage in meaningful discussions about electronics. In the future he would like to pursue the applications of machine learning algorithms to robotics. In his free time Petr engages with the FIRST and robotics community by interacting in various social media channels. He also takes extra curricular courses that support and further his understanding of the Java language. Every weekend during the warmer seasons he participates in a cycling group that explore the areas around Prague.

Talwasa Sarwan, Builder
Talwasa is a 10th grade student at school at the International School of Prague. Her interest in robotics started in 8th grade, where she built her first mini robot for a science project, ever since then, she has participated in robotics, hoping to learn more about the mechanical aspects of robotics, as well as some programming. Talwasa hopes to pursue robotics and/or aerospace engineering in the future. During her spare time, Talwasa enjoys reading, drawing, and boxing.

Moira Strebel, Logistics/Builder
Moira is a 12th grade student at the International School of Prague where she enjoys computer science. She is interested in robotics because she likes to build things and drive the robots, she has had this interest ever since she was younger as she played with legos and toy cars growing up. Her interest in coding sparked in grade 8 when she took a girls only basic coding course called technovation which she really enjoyed. She also likes the teamwork and challenge aspect of robotics as well as the fact that she has the opportunity to compete against people she has not met and can get to know them better during the competitions. In the future Moira would like to work as a diplomat or potentially at the United Nations. In her spare times she likes to swim, play softball, volunteer, travel, and read.

Derek Druce, Mentor
I am from South Africa and have lived in Prague in the Czech Republic for 11 years. I teach physics and math but the what I appreciate most in my teaching is encouraging students to participate in the robotics club in the school. I really enjoy supporting students to keep going without actually getting too involved with the designing the robot. Students learning to fail and then trying again and not giving up until they achieve success is great to see. Looking forward to coming to Mexico!

Igor Popstefanija, Mentor
I was originally born in Macedonia, but grew up in the United States. I have been teaching Computer Science for 8 years, 3 in the Czech Republic. My first experience with robotics was mentoring an FTC team in Macedonia and I have developed a passion for STEM. I hope to learn much from the experience in Mexico and am looking forward to meeting other intrepid roboticists.

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