Team Gambia 2018

Team Gambia is the winner of the 2017 national robotics competition held in The Gambia. Out of many schools that participated at the national competition, our team outdid the rest with the passion and skills that our young and excellent minds employed during the competition. As a small country with a population of less than 2 million, we are excited to represent Gambia at the 2018 FIRST Global Challenge to show the world what we can do despite the small population. The following are short bios of our Team Members:

Channeh Camara
I am a final year student at Gambia Senior Secondary School. I am passionate about the application of technology in solving medical problems. The challenge I have been confronted with in life is the easy access to Internet for research. I am anticipating to be a biomedical engineer or a computational biologist.

Alagie Madi
Regardless of the financial situation of my family, I have managed to maintain my academic performance. My passion for computer science and robotics stemmed from my participation in the national Robotics competition held earlier this year. Thus, I am aspiring to be a proficient computer scientist that will be able to develop system that will help in the development of Africa and the world at large.

Jakomba Jabbie
Traveling for four hours everyday to go to school has never been a deterrent for the excellence in my academics. Although the aforementioned is indeed a big challenge for me, but it also serves as a motivation for me. I am with the conviction that the challenge has indeed informed to a great extent my choice of choosing Aerospace engineering as a career. It is my dream to become the first female Aerospace engineer in my country, The Gambia.

Marr Nyang (Team Leader)
Marr is the Founder of Gambia Participates, an organization that uses digital strategies to complement The Gambia’s government effort to increase access to information and education to its citizenry. His organization has trained hundreds of young people from across The Gambia, providing them with new technology skills and knowledge at TechCamps. Marr is looking forward to lead Team Gambia to be the winners of the 2018 FIRST Global Robotics Olympics in Mexico.

Hassan Sillah (mentor)
Hassan is a Physics Teacher at Gambia Senior Secondary School and a software developer. He has coached Team Gambia to win the national robotics competition in The Gambia and is looking forward to replicate the same at the 2018 FIRST Global Challenge.