Team Senegal 2018

We are the Robotics team of the Senegalese American Bilingual School in Dakar, Senegal, and winners of the 2017 Pan African Robotics Competion. As winners of that competition, we are proud to represent Senegal at this FIRST Global Challenge in Mexico this year. 

We are passionate about everything STEAM and bridging the gap between theory, practice and relevancy to building a better world. It’s for that reason that our school director calls us a “STEAMboat!” At our school we believe that Arts in STEAM is as equally important as the Science, Technology Engineering and Math because it is for the artists to imagine that better world that the world of STEM will either create or design! 

We are excited to be ambassadors of Senegal, know as the country of “teranga” or “hospitality” and are looking forward to not only sharing a little of Senegal with others, but also meeting other STEAMboats from around the world!

Amadou Mody Diakhaté (Team Captain / Driver)
Amadou Mody is the Captain of the team. He has the gifted hands. He helps the team build the robots, is an excellent pilot, and maintains the balance of the team. He has been interested in technology for as long as he can remember and this will be his third robotics competition. He loves Maths, Physics and cars and wants to specialize later in automotive technology.

Sidy Thiam (The Brains and Spokesperson)
Sidy is the gifted brain of the team. He is our English-speaking member and will be our spokesperson in Mexico. He helps the team to do the programming and is a master at making the robots do tricks. He loves Maths, birds and robotics and has an an ambition to build his own computer.

Abdou Khadre Dia (The Human Player)
He is the versatile one of the group. He helps the team with construction and programming. When the team is out of ideas, he always comes up with a solution. He is passionate about technology and robotics and is tireless when it comes to practicing for the competition.