Team Tanzania 2018

Habari!! We are team Tanzania, super excited to be representing our country and participating in the FIRST Global Challenge! Our moto is “UMOJA” a swahili word that means “UNITY” we live by that; we work together, share knowledge, bites and fun! Living as ONE, giving every moment we share an unforgettable feeling and experience of UNITY and togetherness — inspired by our First President Mwl. Julius Nyerere. Team Tanzania is composed of five girls, 1 boy, and awesome mentors and trainers, not forgetting our international mentor David Prince and his team!

Anatory Angelo, Team Captain
My name is Anatory, 18 yrs old. I am happy to have such a brilliant and fun team, well that makes my role super exciting! I just joined high school and I have been passionate about robotics for the past year and I have explored drones and Arduino, finding them very interesting and powerful innovation technologies. My dream is to become a computer engineer because through this I will be able to have all the knowledge I would need to support in the making of efficient robots for solving problems in fields like agriculture in which Africa relies the most on. My hopes for the future is to see more youth with innovative skills, like robotics, and be able to apply the skills to solve society’s problems. My favourite subject is chemistry and I like to do intensive research on scientific things and share the knowledge with others. My superpower is making others succeed and happy. #HappyVibes!!

Zainabu Omary, The Programmer
My name is Zainabu Omary. I’m 18 years old. Coding is my SUPER POWER! I study at Benjamin William Mkapa high school, majoring in PCM ( Physics Chemistry and Mathematics) and am a junior trainer and member of the “Apps and Girls” program. I started to code when I joined Apps and Girls, and from that day until now my life has changed a lot. My dream is to become a software engineer. My role model is Ms. Carolyne Ekyarisiima, she is a woman who inspired me a lot. I learn a lot of things from her such as hard-work, being a strong woman, thinking critically and being able to find solutions that can solve the different problems in my community. I am currently working on a maternal health application (TUMMY-SMILE) for expectant mothers in Tanzania. Participating in the FIRST Global Challenge is a great step and achievement in my life. Making a robot which functions well is a wonderful thing. I used to see robots on television but for now, its real and no longer a dream! I’m expecting a lot from this challenge since I believe I’m going to learn a lot of things, such as creativity and critical thinking in designing, and new coding languages, teamwork, cooperation, discussion that we are going to conduct with my fellow participants, and networking with different people. I believe nothing is impossible because the word itself says “I’m possible”.

Hajira Honero, Driver
My name is HAJIRA, 17 yrs old. I just joined high school and am so excited about this stage of my life. My career passion is to become a Bio-Chemical Engineer in the future. I am interested in robotics because it deals with creativity, since I like designing and creativity. My hope for the future is to see more advanced technology tackling different society problems in relation to UN sustainable goals. During my spare time I like to think and listen to other people’s ideas on how to solve different society problems and my favorite subject is Chemistry. The FIRST Global network should know that I am all for JUSTICE to all and happiness.

Josephine Brown
My name is Josephine, 17 yrs old and a form four student in Jangwani Secondary School and a member of Apps and Girls. Together with my team (Foodhub) we have won several competitions such as the Girls Entrepreneurship Summit, Diamond Challenge and Technovation with our project known as “FOODHUB”. I am so interested in STEM and robotics because through them I have been able to improve my leadership and problem-solving skills, gained confidence, acquiring innovation skills, and built up technical engineering skills.

Julieth Sewava
My name is Juliet, 16 yrs, a form four student from Jangwani Secondary School taking computer-science subjects and a member of Apps & Girls. I participated in the Girls Entrepreneurship Summit (GES 2017) and received the award and certificate for the most innovative idea. Along with that I participated in the Global High School Entrepreneurship Challenge, where I won the second position during the local final challenge. I am currently working on my startup called JUS that will solve the problem of the existence and usage of fake and expired drugs in our communities due to fraud acts committed by some individuals. I am happy to be one of the members of team Tanzania in the 2018 FIRST Global Challenge, ready to come up with a superduper robot useful and efficient in energy production as well electricity generation. It’s so exciting that I am applying most concepts I learnt in school to real life practice! FGC is the way to go and the most applicable method of making the world a better place for the creatures in it. You rock, FIRST Global!

Carolyne Ekyarisiima, Mentor
My name is Carolyne, the founder of Apps and Girls, the award-winning social enterprise that works to bridge the tech gender gap in Africa by giving girls the skills, tools, self-esteem and competitive edge to become effective leaders and drive change in their communities using technology. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a Masters in Information Systems from Kampala International University. I also serve as the Technnovation Challenge and Africa Code Week regional Ambassador and served as a Judge during the 2017 FIRST Global Challenge.

Mkufu Tindi, Mentor
My name is Mkufu Tindi, I am an Electromechanical Engineer by professional, working as a Project Manager for Construction of 87MW hydropower plant for National Electric Company. I’m also Vice Chairperson for Institute of Engineers Tanzania Women’s Chapter, which aims to foster professional development for Tanzanian Women in Engineering and promote STEM education for young girls. I studied robotics at the university level and am very happy to share that knowledge with the Tanzanian young generation. Being in my second year as a mentor for team Tanzania, I’ve witnessed the tremendous changes to the participating students and foresee awakening creativity for future innovators. I would like FIRST Global to know that I’m so passionate about technology.