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Team Cabo Verde comes from the city of Mindelo on the island of SĂŁo Vicente. We consist of nine students from three different high schools who came together due to a common passion in robotics, however each with our own uniqueness that contributes to the amazing team that we have built. Our team is composed of eight boys and one girl from 14 to 18 years old who want to contribute to the development of our country through technology and robotics. We have been involved in several activities to share the knowledge and raise awareness among younger children and the community in general about the potential of STEM education and robotics in specific, to solve problems, in our community, country, and worldwide. We all want to be engineers one day and create amazing things and make a big difference in our small and beautiful country.

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By making an unrestricted donation in the name of Team Cabo Verde, you are joining us in spreading a passion for STEM among the youth of the world. Even if we meet our goal, every additional dollar will help ensure that every nation is represented at the 2019 FIRST Global Challenge.