Team Dominican Republic 2019 🇩🇴

Our team is composed of five students and two mentors. The age of the students range between 14 to 16 years old. They are from different places of the country (Salcedo Tenares and Santo Domingo). All members of our team are in high school and they are very excited to participate in the 2019 FIRST Global Challenge.

Our team has two mentors, both with good qualifications to be the guides of the students in this new and great experience. And our robot WALL-E (yes, like the Disney Pixar movie) hopes to rock in the battle and Coopertition®  field.

We will give our best and we will highlight the name of our country, the Dominican Republic. We also hope to learn about the different cultures around the world and meet new people. The FIRST Global Challenge is the best opportunity to make it possible.

See you in Dubai!

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By making an unrestricted donation in the name of Team Dominican Republic, you are joining us in spreading a passion for STEM among the youth of the world. Even if we meet our goal, every additional dollar will help ensure that every nation is represented at the 2019 FIRST Global Challenge.