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Team Guyana Robotics originated under STEMGuyana and is still one of the main focuses of the organization.
Since 2017, students from around the country are invited to tryout for the team regardless of skills or academic background. These students are selected based on a number of criteria, such as their ability to work with others and their passion for learning.

Though only a few students are selected for the team travelling, many others are given the opportunity to work alongside the team and learn about robotics during preparation season.

The members of Team Guyana Robotics do not only represent their country at the FIRST Global Challenge, but also concentrate their efforts in Guyana to educate and inspire the next generation of leaders. They do this through various outreach programs, educational  camps, and other activities organized by STEMGuyana, the parent organization. STEMGuyana’s drive to ensure that Guyana is represented in the field of robotics  internationally every year, as well the other numerous STEM initiatives, has inspired thousands of Guyanese to get into STEM-related fields or support STEM education. The goal was and still is to ‘unleash the world-class potential of Guyana’s youths’.

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By making an unrestricted donation in the name of Team Guyana, you are joining us in spreading a passion for STEM among the youth of the world. Even if we meet our goal, every additional dollar will help ensure that every nation is represented at the 2019 FIRST Global Challenge.

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