Team Ireland 2019 🇮🇪

We are Team IRELAND. We are made up of two mentors (Eoghan Craven Grace, Pawel Zielinski), a team coach (Mary Selkirk) and five team members (Ademide Oyeyemi, Ugo Uzoukwu, Anna Mae Chan Kinsella, Filip Jozefowicz and Oki Okikiola).

We all attended high school at Confey Community College in Leixlip, Ireland. Confey Community College is a school for male and female students aged 12 to 18 years. We take part in many STEM projects and competitions. Our team coach is our Physics, Maths, and Applied Maths teacher Ms. Selkirk. Our two mentors Eoghan and Pawel are past students who have taken part in the 2017 and 2018 FIRST Global Challenges. Eoghan is now studying Mechatronics in college while Pawel is studying Actuarial Maths. Three of our team members were on the 2018 Robotics team but they did not get to travel last year. Anna is studying Computational Social Science, Ugo is studying Engineering and Ademide is studying Mechatronics. Two of our team members are in their final year of high school. Filip is hoping to do Computer Science and Oki is still deciding.

Ugo: Being a part of the Irish team has been an amazing opportunity for me as a student because of the variety of skills that come with a project like this. Throughout the competition I have been able to learn skills, such as how to use CAD software for prototype designs, mechanical skills, the skills of teamwork and problem solving. I have learnt how to overcome problems and that ‘giving up’ is just not an option because you will always find a solution. This year’s theme of cleansing the Ocean is, I believe, central to FIRST Global’s goals in terms of raising awareness and promoting international collaboration to tackle the important issues that are affecting us all worldwide. This aspect of the FIRST Global Challenge is what makes me most proud to be a part of the FG Challenge.

Ademide: I am thrilled to be able to work with people from different parts of the world and of different cultures. I am also incredibly excited to see the solutions that other teams have come up with for their robots. As well as getting to use the equipment in the engineering room, I have also learnt to use several of the woodwork tools because I also helped to build the practice game field.

Filip: I am excited to take part in this competition because I now have the opportunity to learn even more technical skills. I also love the aspect of working on a project as a part of a team, which will then become a part of an even bigger team as we work together on a common goal for the greater good.

Anna Mei: I am really looking forward to taking part in FGC2019 as I was a part of last year’s team but did not get to travel. Even still, I had an amazing time and I am SO looking forward to taking part in the full event and experiencing the amazing atmosphere this time. Building robots is great fun and I have really benefitted in so many ways – apart from the technical skills, I have learnt to work as part of a team, to stand up and and present our work as a team. I am really looking forward to the actual competition and working with teams from other countries.

Oki: I am very excited to be taking part in the FG Challenge because my love for Science and Engineering has been combined into one project. It is an honor for me to be able to take part.

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