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“This whole experience has been absolutely amazing and has completely blown me away. [Support for STEM is] extremely important, not just for the advancement of any one of us, but for the advancement of all of us, regardless of nationality, borders, religion, beliefs, anything. It’s important that we can all move forward together and the way through that is with technology… Possibly the greatest part of FIRST Global is the meeting of everyone and making friends with everybody.”


 Male student from Team New Zealand 2018

By providing us with STEM tools, we develop the capacity to develop ourselves, transform our communities, and fight global challenges.”


— Male student from Team Chad 2018

“Robotics changed my life and opened my eyes to a whole new world.”


— Female student from Team Nicaragua 2017

“I will never forget this experience simply because I’ve come to realize that I have more skills than I knew I had in me before.”


— Female student from Team Palestine 2017

“I have learned that we can change the world together.”


— Male student from Team Uzbekistan 2018

“Before FIRST Global, I had a worldview that was very small. After taking part in the competition, I saw the world is SO big! … Truly it has been something very, very beautiful and my life has done a 180 degree turn.”


— Female student from Team Honduras 2017

[FIRST Global] allowed me to go beyond my limits, to widen my field of vision, to discover the beauty of values ​​such as fair play and group work. I now understand what it’s all about and why we should all work as a group for the advancement of a community.


 Male student from Team Haiti 2017

“A prime example of STEM fostering world peace.”


— Mentor of Team Saint Lucia 2017

“… At the end of high school when I was first introduced to robotics and FIRST [Global], I only realized then how STEM was accessible to me and how I could implement it in my real life, how I could use technology, as a teenager, to change my communities and change the face of my nation. So that has helped me a lot and empowered me a lot to move forward and to dream bigger.”


 Étudiante de l'équipe d'Afrique du Sud 2018

We are glad that once more science and robotics has broken geopolitical borders and brought international students together to sing a song of friendship.”


 Mentor of Team Iran 2018

FIRST Global has actually taught me the power of cooperation. The power of working together in a group, trying to understand things, trying to make things better, and trying to solve the world’s problems.”


— Female student from Team Gambia 2018

“Being part of FIRST Global made me believe that anyone can make a difference, but only a team can make a change.”


— Male student from Team Tunisia 2017

FIRST Global inspires in me a great purpose for my life  that I learn science and technology… It is a competition that has inspired me to continue studying for the future.”


 Male student from Team Nicaragua 2018

“Competitions like that of FIRST Global are important for us as students because they incentivize us and they give us encouragement to allow our brains to think and develop the abilities and capacities that we didn’t know we had.”


— Female student from Team Honduras 2017

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