Team Namibia 2017

Namibia team members are high school students from the Delta Secondary School, Windhoek. The member names are Anthony Lee, Chauncey Mouton, Nicole Brendell, Marcel Lang, Wilbard Mbenzi, Dorian Hövelmann and Ufuoma Akpokiniovo. Anthony Lee (17) has passion for Mathematics and Physical Science including computer related topics. When Anthony is not studying, he enjoys playing the piano and hiking. Chauncey Mouton (17) loves Mathematics and Physical Science and spends his free time quad biking and hiking. Nicole Brendell (17) has special interest in Computer Studies, Mathematics and Physical Science and loves to read in her free time. Marcel Lang (17) loves Mathematics, Physics and Design and Technology and also works with Java and CAD programming, hiking and paintballing in his free time. Wilberd Mbenzi (16) is interested in Mathematics, Physical and Computer. Dorian Hövelmann (18) has great interest in Computer Studies and Computer related topics. Ufuoma Akpokiniovo (17) loves Mathematics, Physical Science and Design and Technology. Ufuoma is into karate, football and cross fit.

Our goal is to have great fun, explore individual gifts and talent, work as part of a team and build a winning robot.

This is a new area of exploration for the Namibia Team, which we believe will significantly impact on the Namibian youth population to become gainfully occupied in profitable activities. Beyond the fun of building Robots, this event will steer up the Namibian youth population on the importance of STEM subjects and problem-solving skills as pathways to successful careers and a bright future.