Team Tunisia 2017

We are seven motivated Tunisian guys who dream of making change in our country. We feel so lucky to find such mentors who motivate us all the time to be the best for Tunisia and share the same passion with us. We are so proud to be nominated to represent Tunisia in this life changing experience – that’s why we will work hard to fulfill this lifelong dream.

In other words, for us, FIRST Global challenge is not only a competition to win but also an opportunity to honor our dear Tunisia and to show for everyone that the normal conditions in our country didn’t stop us however they are giving us a reason to work harder to prove that Tunisian Teens are skilled enough to design and code robots.

Added to that, even after participating in this competition we won’t stop because our biggest mission is to inspire Tunisian teens up on our return home by sharing with them our story and telling them about the experiences that we got during our experience to Washington DC.

When we come back to our country, we will volunteer to transmit all the scientific and communication skills that we will acquire during the challenge to all the motivated teens from our community through various workshops, events and coaching sessions that will let more teens know about the challenge.

Last but not the least, we hope that this challenge will empower our skills in programming and designing robots as we started working in this field from an early age.