Team Turkmenistan 2017

Team Turkmenistan is made from three students, Ahmet, Erkin and Muhammetnur. Their mentor is Berdimyrat Yazhanov. Ahmet is just 15 years old. He is the youngest. He had been coding for 3 years. Erkin is the physics student. He had been solving physics problems for many years. He is the winner of National Physics Olympiad also. Muhammetnur had been studying chemistry for many years. He had shifted to programming this year. He had always interesting engineering project ideas about global challenges. All the boys study in a school that teaches science lessons in English. 97th School is one of the leading schools in STEM Education in Turkmenistan. This is the first event that they attend robotics competition that is so competitive. Attending the competition was possible thanks to big help and support of FIRST Global Team. Turkmenistan Team will do their best in competition.