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Each year the FIRST Global season engages youth around the world in STEM. But in a time where we can’t gather in person, we’re launching a fun way for our FIRST Global community to remain connected. Just like other seasons, we’ll have volunteer involvement, national teams, and lots of engagement. Join us for a season filled with social media and technical challenges, talks by STEM professionals, and technical training sessions, all while connecting with the FIRST Global community around the world.


We are releasing weekly challenges via social media, of which there are two types— Social Media Challenges that require submitting content in response to various prompts, as well as Technical Challenges. Although official teams are the only ones eligible to earn points, our challenges are open to everyone, so please feel free to join in! Make sure to post publicly and @F1RSTglobal.

What Does STEM Mean to You?

Challenge #1 - Quarantine Time

1 July - 3 July

Challenge #2 - Technical Challenge I

4 July - 20 July

Challenge #3 - Dream Big

7 July - 9 July

Challenge #4 - Mic Drop

11 July - 13 July

Challenge #5 - Got Talent?

14 July - 16 July

Challenge #6 - Volunteer Shoutout

18 July - 20 July

Challenge #7 - Project Impact

20 July - 7 Aug


You are invited to join us for online presentations by engaging and inspiring supporters of FIRST Global who will discuss various topics relating to STEM and their experiences, provide tips to students, and answer questions.

The Man Behind the Mic: Q&A with Tim

Saturday 11 July at

9:00am EDT (13:00 GMT)

Tim Dodds has been the “voice” of FIRST Global since 2017, so he’s seen our organization grow from the beginning. Join us as we learn more about Tim, his perspectives as a teacher, and his impressions from his work with FIRST Global over the past three years.

STEM Talk II : Topic To Be Announced Soon

Date and details to be announced.

STEM Talk III: Topic To Be Announced Soon

Date and details to be announced.

STEM Talk IV: Topic To Be Announced Soon

Date and details to be announced.


In partnership with REV Robotics, FIRST Global will hold informational sessions on topics related to FIRST Global robots and the kit of parts.

Technical Training Session I

Date and details to be announced.

Technical Training Session II

Date and details to be announced.

Technical Training Session III

Date and details to be announced.



Want to develop your STEM skills? From coding and programming, to 3-D modeling, CAD, and simulation, to building robots, to other learning opportunities, we’ve compiled a variety of resources to aid in your learning journey.





Teams are participating in fun weekly challenges via social media. As students submit content for the challenges, their teams earn points toward prizes and awards! We’ll be collecting some of the best submissions here.


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@f1rstglobal What have been doing during the quarentine time. ——- #firstglobal #fgc2020 #connecting #team

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❝For me, STEM is more than a word, it’s a universal tool that affects change, opportunity, and progress. Throughout history, we have been witnessing incredible changes that have made the world a better place, and all of this has been related to science and technology. But STEM education not only changes the world, but also the projects of each person. Regarding to my life project, STEM has given me great opportunities to get closer to my goals, and to be a positive reference point to my close circle. And although STEM means something different to each of us, we agree on something — we have much to improve in our life itself, and generate tools of great use to the world thanks to the STEM development.❞ —Carolain

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