The 2019 FIRST Global Challenge

The 2019 FIRST Global Challenge centered around the theme of “Ocean Opportunities”. In late October, youth from around the world gathered together at the Festival Arena in Dubai, UAE for the third iteration of our international event. Visit our YouTube page to watch the team videos, feature videos, and livestream of the event.

الفرق الوطنية 2019

2019 Game: Ocean Opportunities

The theme of the 2019 FIRST Global Challenge was “Ocean Opportunities”. Every year millions of tons of pollutants, generated by human activity, make their way into the world’s oceans, negatively affecting marine life and global populations. This Challenge brought attention to this critical issue in order to educate ourselves and take action to preserve our oceans and wildlife, and teams learned about real-world challenges related to cleaning up the world’s oceans.


Ocean Opportunities Instructional Video

This video is subtitled in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

Ocean Opportunities Game Manuals

Ocean Opportunities Playing Field Drawings

Playing Field STEP File

Processing Barge Vision Targets

For Questions and Answers regarding the game, view this document.

2019 Team Rankings

2019 Awards