Team Africa 2017

We’re team Africa we’re from Morocco Casablanca. We are from school Le cedre. We’re full of energy and we all had a great experience working on this robot hopping it will make Morocco proud of us this is who we are…

My name is Karim Taoussi I am 17 years old I am a high school student next year I will be in the second year of the baccalaureate cycle, my passions are: snooker, video games, I also practice sometimes a little of mechanics because I am enormously interested in this science It is for this reason that I was very glad to have been accepted as a participant in FGC I thank you for this and I look forward to it and to gain as much experience as possible. I will need in my life !

Hello, my name is LAHLOU Mohamed Al Amine, I’m 16 years old, and I’m from Morocco, Africa. I like playing football with my friends when I’m free, basketball too. I support Real Madrid, it’s a Spanish football team, and my favorite player is Ronaldo.
Can’t wait to be part of this international challenge.

My name is Kenza El Fatihi, im 16 years old. I’m in commun core ( 2nd year of high school). My main hobbies are dancing, hip hop and contemporary, and playing sports. I also enjoy volunteering especially during ramadan season in order to help people in need by distributing essential goodies. In the futur, i hope to become a mechanical engineer that is why i decided to take part in this First Global Challenge in order to familiarize myself with the concept of programming, the gear system as well as the screw nut system. Im so excited that my team and I get to represent Morocco in this projet in such a high level, thank you for allowing us to develop our theoretical knowledge on the matter. Best regards.

Hello first global challenge
I’m salma ouafik, a 15 years old moroccan girl. I like watching kdramas in my free time, i also like reading some interesting fantasy stories and i like playing basketball and football. Some of the special thinks about me is that i like doiing hard mathematics exercices when i’m angry, it makes me feel better if i do it, and also the best ideas that can come to my mind, come when i’m asleep.Finally, i love rapping and sing, and writing lyrics.

Hello . My name is Aya tarist, I’m 15 years old and I’m the spokesperson of team Morroco . I was born in Casablanca. I’m a student at Le Cèdre high school. I love dancing, i used to dance ballet when i was younger. I also like sports a lot. I’m a basketball player and a big fan of soccer. My favorite soccer team is Real Madrid. I have a lot of pastimes such as watching movies,reading also and listening to music of course. My favorite kind of music is classic music and my favorite singer is Andrea Bocelli. I have one older brother and i live with my parents. I have a pet, a cat called Fiona.
I would like to thank First Global Challenge for giving me the chance to participate in this international event. Can’t wait!