Team Armenia 2017

Armenia’s team is represented by students from the TUMO Center for Creative Technologies.

TUMO is a free of charge after-school program for students ages 12-18. The TUMO program teaches students the latest in both the tech and art fields. Teens can learn from a range of topics such as programming, robotics, 3D modeling and filmmaking. The TUMO program is grounded in the fact that students are in charge of their own education and are free to select the path that best fits their interests.

The students selected for FIRST Global are among those who have participated in our robotics workshops, have demonstrated the ability to work in a group, have numerous achievements in different fields and are dedicated to the fields of robotics and programming.

Tigran Sahakyan (first from left) loves to spend time fixing things and creating miniature mechanisms and robots.

Davit Kirakosyan (second from left) joined our group only recently but has showed the willingness to be part of our great familly. He is on our backup team.

Maria Ter-Minasyan (third from the left) constructed a model of the solar system using the correct relative rotating speeds of the planets. She calculated and hand-made all the gears for the accurate work of the model all on her own. Maria attends the Waldorf School and has a fantastic imagination.

Aram Madancyan (fourth from the left) is a fan of microelectronics and, at only 13 years old, has developed his own automated irrigation and monitoring system for a small garden.

Levon Balagyozyan (fifth from the left) can take a motor and some metal scrap and turn it into a sports car that would come in first at the Indianapolis 500.

Lilit Tarumyan (sixth from left) has a very logical mind. Most of the time you can find her finding multiple solutions to different logical problems. She tries to approach the problem from all available angles trying to find various solutions. Obviously, she is in her element solving mechanical problems.

Davit Hovhannisyan (seventh from the left) has been coming to TUMO for five years and has already invented several ingenious mechanisms including a looming machine and a robot car that uses one motor to operate two independent wheels.

Ashot Tarumyan (eighth from the left) has a great understanding of programming and mechanics. At only fourteen, he is already making computer programs that many adults would find challenging to master.

Martun Poghosyan (absent in the photo) joined our team recently. He has an innate ability for solving engineering problems. He instinctively feels his way to the solution. Martun is on our backup team.

Hayk Voskanyan, the group leader, graduated from Yerevan State University in the department of nuclear physics. He has worked as a physicist, software engineer, data analyst, electronics engineer and is now a robotics workshop leader at TUMO Center. He has worked on projects related to computer vision, voice and gesture recognition, scientific computing, system automation, data analysis and more.