Team Asia 2017

We are Team Asia of Oman. Our team consists of a mentor and four students from grades 10 and 11 from different schools across the Oman. The team members were selected through mechanical engineering tests, some software and interviews. The team members always get high ranks in national robotics competitions and have experience in building and programming open source robots and EV3. Given the geographic distance between students’ dormitories and association with the study, we gather every Saturday in Muscat.

Ibrahim Albuloshi, the team’s mentor, wa​s nominated to supervise the team to provide the necessary moral and technical support to the team members and to guide them in training as ​he​ works in the Ministry of Education in the Innovation and Scientific Olympiad Section.

We have encountered some obstacles, the most important of which are the geographic distance between students’ dormitories and some technical problems in the robot. We tried to overcome them through our contact with some specialized technicians. Our main objective is to cooperate, exchange and acquire different experiences from the other teams as well as to leave a distinctive imprint of us in the FIRST Global Challenge.