Team Belgium 2017

This is the first time that our team participates in a robotics competition , we actually met each other thanks to this competition. We trust each other with our different capabilities, when someone has an idea, we deliberate about it and we don’t reject them. It’s not easy to build a robot knowing that there’s always a number of obstacles that are blocking you from moving forward into the building process. We had to rethink our robot concept to get to a point where it is possible to do what we wanted. Our team gather only once a week for 6 hours so the progress is not substantial but we are confident with our concept. Like we’ve already said, we not only had to do some brainstorming for our robot concept, but we also had to do some brainstorming on our working structure. We do 2 to 3 meetings each time we meet up. We had to restructure our work to be more efficient! The social medias have also helped us A LOT.

One of our team members created a server for the FGC participants to discuss technical issues and help each other out, even though we’ll be competing soon. It already has approximately 150 people on it , that’s huge ! Facebook is also awesome to see the progress each team is making! The Q & A’s are very useful to get important rule clarifications. We come from different schools but we participate to FGC with the “Jeunesses Scientifiques de Belgique” and the “Université de Mons” . Some of our students had to leave their school earlier to come each wednesday. These schools are : Sint-Peters College from Uccle, Athéné Royal de Tamine.

Everyone is very hyped to go to Washington DC and to meet people from differents cultures and nations.