Team Cabo Verde 2017

Cape Verde is an island country made up of ten islands, in which nine are inhabited with just over half a million inhabitants.

The islands were discovered over five hundred years ago by the Portuguese discoverers, having become independent forty-two years ago.

A country with few natural resources where the human potential is the biggest bet for development. This is due to the great commitment of the state in the struggle for human development as a way to fight against poverty.

The rains are scarce throughout the year, which makes the country produce very little in terms of agriculture.

Our greatest natural resource is the sea which has been one of the greatest sources of wealth for the development of Cape Verde.

One of the greatest challenges for our country is guaranteeing its own water for its population.

São Vicente, an island that supplies the five elements of the Cape Verde team that participates in the first FIRST GLOBAL competition, the drinking water used throughout the island is produced through sea water.

The five elements that participate in the First Global challenge in Washington D.C. this year are natural of the island of São Vicente city of Mindelo, that is located to the North of the Country.

The team is made up of four students from two high schools in Mindelo:

– Secondary School Ludgero Lima:

  1. Augusto Regala being 18 years old and completing the 12th Grade this year 2016/2017,
  2. Caetano Jesus, 17 years old, finished the 12th Grade this year 2016/2017.

– Secondary School Industrial e Comercial do Mindelo – Guilherme Dias Chantre

  1. José Pedro Brito, age 17, who studies the 11th Grade in the year 2016/2017,
  2. Silviane Correia, 16 years old, who studies the 11th Grade in the year 2016/2017.

These students were selected to participate in First Global. This is the first time they have participated in an event of this type.

The mentor João Pinheiro, Master of Science in Automation and Systems Control by the “Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia”. Taking the position of Professor of Computer Use and T.I.C. Since 2004 at Ludgero Lima Secondary School.

The Cape Verde team hopes to get a good first challenge in the First Global challenge by learning new things because of the exchange with other teams and from here is better prepared for new challenges.