Team Canada 2017

Team Canada is represented by 7 students and 1 mentor from FIRST Robotics Competition Team Evolution 2626. We hail from the simple city of Sherbrooke in Francophone, Canada. We have a burning passion for problem-solving and bridge-building and are impatiently awaiting these first FIRST Global championships!

Let’s meet the team members:

Felix is the captain of Team Canada and is a three-year veteran of the FRC program. His tireless perseverance saw him earn Evolution’s 2017 Dean’s List nomination.

Raphael has been involved with FRC for two years. Prior to this, he participated in the First Lego League with Evolution’s younger divisions & now mentors other teams in that program.

Félix, also an FRC member for two years, is not only a skilled programmer, but an expert at outreach. He runs countless Twitter and Facebook bots to unite FIRST’s ever-expanding community.

Étienne is our irreplaceable programming guru. If there’s a problem in the code or in the wires, you know who to call!  He always gets involved in every aspect of the team.

Although she was a new recruit to Evolution 2626 this year, Logan won our internal competition for “most hours in the workshop” and took her well-deserved place in our mechanic team.

Christopher is a polyvalent, all-round team member. Programming, electrics, mechanics, even the drive team, you name it, he’s done it all.

Tim has been part of FRC for two years and is passionately motivated by the opportunity to work with other countries and forge lasting relationships!

Team Canada has the honour of being coached by Evolution’s head mentor, Frank Gauthier. A pioneer of the FIRST project in Francophone Quebec, Frank has kept Evolution going for a decade and was a finalist for the Woodie Flowers Award at the FRC World Championships.

Most of all, Team Canada has a big heart and the True North is eager to participate at the inaugural FIRST Global competition. We’ve been eagerly looking forward to meeting, helping and learning from ingenious, motivated teams from all over the world and building a lasting partnership for years to come!