Team Côte d’Ivoire 2017

Team Ivory Coast has 7 seasoned representatives coming from similar backgrounds. Ivory coast is a very dynamic country in West Africa where everyone is welcomed to grow and share opportunities. Families live happy with each other with no quarrels or conflicts between tribes, and the diversity encouraged by the government has brought a good freedom of expression in their life. Between 16 and 17 years of age, Dao, Loic, Monique, Arsene, Christ, Lou and Armel are already emerging leaders in their community with initiatives to excel their skills in STEM. When the IFC program came to their attention, they embraced the opportunity to go even further. Their parents and relatives support them in excelling with STEM. They see life in a different perspective. They enjoy spending time with their parents and helping them in housework, friends, reading and exchanging with their topics. They all have a passion for STEM and are looking forward to winning their robotic competition this year.