Team Czech Republic 2017

Tomas, Jakub and Ondra are students of DELTA, school of informatics and economy in Pardubice. There is a robotic course led by Mgr. Pavel Kycl is a teacher from Gymnazium Dašická. When Tomas and Jakub visited this course for the first time, they knew nothing. But they really fast orientated. After one year Ondra started to visit this course too. They form a team and first roles was assigned. Jakub, in case of first kit, choose to orient at designing and building robots and adding sensors and other parts and helping with logic in program. Tomas started orienting in programing of a robot and giving suggestions to other members of team. Tomas also became a “leader” of team. Ondra is a team expert about Arduino and he is a logical and program helper. All members are valuable. After first two competitions they decided to name their team as “MaVyT” which means in their native language “Small but Efficient Team”. They have a support from the director of their school and now they are becoming a little famous, because they are often mentioned at school websites.

Our team has participated in RoboRave and Robotic Day at Prague yet. Although they never wan, they achieved at medal places. After each failure they improved. They were on the 4th place only once. Otherwise they still gained the medal place.

We are challenging on many competitions, but not only at official task but also personal challenges.

When we are could participate in First Global, we hesitated but we agreed. We are prepared to represent the Czech Republic.

And remember: It’s not important to win but to have a fun!