Team Democratic Republic of the Congo 2017

The Democratic Republic of Congo. A country located at the center of Africa, covered by flora and fauna where the people live a decent and beautiful life.

This country borders a majestic river and is full of gigantic minerals.

A colorful country with enormous cultural and artistic values.

A country which has been ravaged and torn apart by years war and of which only technology, art and especially youth are the solution to get out of this gridlock.

FIRST GLOBAL, will give young people the opportunity to make a difference by taking a step towards the future inorder to give proof to the world that their tenacity, team spirit, sense of work and character can be an asset to the development of their country and of the world in general.

The future is in the hands of the youth, and technology is a key thing to a prosperous future. Combining their commitment to hard work, their sharp analytical minds and their team spirit, a team from the heart of Africa will come to defend the colors of their country, the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

In August of last year a Congolese brother Dr Mpanano Ntwali Eric living in Nairobi had been contacted by Joe to form the selection of high-ranking Democratic Republic of Congo. To do this we were contacted to make this selection and had tried to interested other people who could help us but who unfortunately had not found any interest there. That’s how I got there. The Democratic Republic of Congo is a large country of 2354095 Km² we targeted the province of South Kivu. We had thus begun to make our selection by making the tours of the secondary schools of the place, exchanging with certain authorities schools of the place and some relatives; After meetings and juries in the schools we had in the end select 3 schools where we had taken 6 students; 2 students per school. These schools are: Saint Anne College (technical school) Technical Institute Fundi Maendeleo (technical school) and Alfajiri College. Since the end of the selection we have begun to make team meetings every weekend to explain in clarity to the high level what the First Global competition would consist of. From these meetings the pupils gradually became familiar until they became the strong team we have.

Since then we have evolved together and are preparing the competition together. After we had contacted the parents of all the members of the team and on the 6 students to select 5 parents had granted their children permission to participate in the competition and had promised us their support. This is how we have evolved with the 5 students until now.

And at the beginning to maintain and evolve normally we received the support of two institutions the PAIDEKsa and PIGS FOR PEACE through their leaders Rémy Mpanano and Nancy Glass who had sought to promote this youth and had helped us to carry the kit of Kinshasa In Bukavu had cleared it and gave us a meeting place. Parents of students, school authorities, etc. Support us in one way or another.