Team Dominica 2017

Kemuel Roberts

Kemuel Roberts is currently studying Biology, Maths, and Physics at the Dominica State College (DSC). He enjoys sports, his favorite being football and his favorite team being Manchester United F.C. An interesting fact is that he played for his community football youth academy and currently plays volleyball for the State College. He also enjoys nature, reading and music. He’s able to play the clarinet and the tenor sax, and aspires to play the guitar.He Hopes to become an engineer and make vital contributions to STEM in the future.

Shanaé L Edwards

Shanaé L Edwards is from Checkhall. She is currently majoring in Mechanical Engineering- the branch of engineering dealing with the design, construction, and use of machines at the Dominica State College . In her spare time she sings, reads or listens to music. She hopes to have a significant impact on the world through engineering.

Rhea Xavier

Rhea Xavier is currently a Biology and Physics major at Dominica State College. She enjoys reading, hiking, rainy days, travelling, photography and music. In her spare time, she reads, listens to music, surfs the web and learns new concepts. She hopes to become a doctor in the future since she aims to positively impact the lives of others

Kyle Paul

Kyle Ethan Paul. A second year student at the Dominica state College, majoring in computer science and mathematics who has also adopted a regular exercise lifestyle. Kyle has strived for excellence in computer science and is dedicated to  expanding his knowledge of the field. While still being a novice, this young man is always willing and able to participate in any field that will serve to better his knowledge, experience and understanding. He strives for physical and intellectual betterment for himself and others.

Dunstan Ducreay

Dunstan Ducreay, the team mentor is a Telecommunications and Electronic Engineer and lecturer at the Dominica State College. His affinity for Science and Technology has allowed him to make significant contribution to educating young minds especially in the areas of mathematics, natural and computer science and various engineering fields.

He is an avid reader and strategic thinker and enjoys playing a game of chess in his spare time or engaging fellow colleagues or students in discussions both spiritual and technological.

His team’s lack of previous experience in robotics is more than compensated for by their collective enthusiasm and drive to succeed and see all their scientific theories come alive in building this robot.