Team Ecuador 2017

The Robota High School team was born last year with the participation of Robota in FIRST Robotic Competition, FRC. We started to prepare our students in different groups, choosing them by the abilities they have to be part of the electrical, mechanics and programming portions.

This year, Robota is going to participate on the 2nd FRC tournament for us with a new high school named IPAC. Because we are the first and only Ecuadorian team that works with high school students for this activity, we also try to motivate other high school students toward science. Additionally, we decided to visit students and children for a community from Santa Elena, an Ecuadorian state, to show them the fun parts of robotics and science.

Team students participate in different activities such as National Physics and Math tournaments. We believe they can change the way that high school students and Ecuadorian society view robotics and this is an important step for this part of the technology in Ecuador. Our students always want to learn more and be proactive in classes, innovating and come with fresh ideas for mentors to help with the development of our projects.