Team Europe 2017

We are the Fazekas RoboTeam at Fazekas Mihály Gimnázium in Budapest, Hungary. The team is active since 2003.

We participated in many national and international competitions and collected lots of awards and appreciation.

It’s a great honour for us, that this year we can participate at the First.Global Challenge. We look forward to be there.

We already started preparation for this important event. Since our experience is currently limited to programming LEGO robots, it is a big challenge for us, that we have to build a robot from different parts.

Beside the competition we see the importance of this event in meeting people from across the globe who share similar interest as we do. We can compare our knowledge and experiences with the others. And we hope to keep the connections even after the tournament.

We hope that as Team Europe we can show the world our team spirit and we can learn a lot from other teams, too.